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Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1930 – 1939

This was a great time for timber furniture, the use of molded plywood and laminated timber creating fantastic organic pieces of modern furniture by Alvar Aalto in the Cantilevered Chair no. 31, the Paimio Chair and the Serving Cart.

Cantilevering was popular, Gerrit Rietveld’s Zig Zag chair with it’s simple harsh angular visual aspect but complex in construction and design in comparison to Aalto’s Cantilevered Chair no. 31which was more curveceous and organic in form and made using laminated plywood steam bent.

Interesting to compare furniture designers of the same period using similar materials with quite dramatically different outcomes in design.

Famous Modern Classic Furniture for the period of 1930 to 1939

1930 Paimio ChairAlvar Aalto

1933 Cantilevered Chair no. 31Alvar Aalto

1934 Zig-Zag ChairGerrit Rietveld

1934 Standard ChairJean Prouve

1935 Utrech Chair- Gerrit Rietveld

1935 Viipuri ChairAlvar Aalto

1935 Chaise Lounge- Marcel Breuer

1936 Serving CartAlvar Aalto

1937 Wingspread Barell Chair- Frank Lloyd Wright

1938 Landi or Spartana Chair- Hans Coray

1938 Sling Chair- Jorge Ferrari-Hardovy

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