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Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1970 – 1979

The industrial style or Hi Tech movement developed, not many changes in technology or new materials but a change in thought. There were few real innovations during this period, rather an increase in sophistication. The greatest advances were in office furniture and equipment with Olivetti of Italy leading the way. Contract furniture,  office furniture systems with interchangeable modular units, and the beginning of ergonomic design.

Furniture was being used as objects to equip the office space. This trend continued from the office to furniture for the home. Asko of Finland promoted Peter Von Knorrings innovative half hexagonal modular units. These are easily adaptable and flexible in many combinations.

Times were tougher, war and turmoil were happening in Vietnam and Northern Ireland, inflation was taking it’s toll. A revival of traditional cabinetmaking in the United States and the United Kingdom appeared.

Famous Modern Classic Furniture for the period of 1970 to 1979

1970 – 1971 Synthesis 45 – Ettore Sottsass

1971 Omkstak – Rodney Kinsman

1972 Wiggle Side Chair – Frank O. Gehry

1973 Maralunga Sofa- Vico Magistretti

1973 Aeo – Paolo Deganello

1973 Abacus 700 – David Mellor

1974 Armchair 4794 – Gae Aulenti

1976 Glass Chair- Shiro Kuramata

1977 CAB 412 Chair- Mario Bellini

1978 MacGee Bookstand- Phillipe Starck

1979 CAB 413 Armchair- Mario Bellini

1979 Supporto – Fred Scott

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