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Famous Modern Furniture Timeline 1980 – 1989

This period of furniture design continued to focus on the industrial sector. Designs were predominately commissioned for retail shopping, hospitals, restaurants, schools and hotels.

The favored materials were metal, perforated metal became popular along with steel reinforcing mesh.

Because of their quality, strong materials and methods of manufacture, they are very functional, easy to clean and maintain. Their design is usually minimal.

This 1980’s period saw:

  • Factory Dome lights
  • Warehouse or shop shelving
  • Metal as the favoured material
  • Perforated metal
  • Wire reinforced glass tables
  • Steel reinforcing mesh
  • Tractor seat stools

There were two distinct styles in this era, a DIY use of prefabricated industrial items and the contrasting kitsh and flamboyant post-modernist style of theMemphis movement.

Famous Modern Classic Furniture for the period of 1980 to 1989

1980 Sideboard Room Divider- Ettore Sotsass

1982 Tippy Jackson Table- Phillipe Starck

1982 CAB 414 Conversation Group- Mario Bellini

1982 Torso – Paolo Deganello

1983 Verandah Chair- Vico Magistretti

1983 Kyoto- Shiro Kuramata

1983 Richard III Chair- Phillipe Starck

1984 Costes Chair- Phillipe Starck

1984 Jefferson Chair- Niels Diffrient

1985 Villabianca Chairs- Vico Magistretti

1985 Apple Homey- Shiro Kuramata

1985 Homage to Hoffmann- Shiro Kuramata

1986 How High the Moon- Shiro Kuramata

1986 Cardigan Sofa- Vico Magistretti

1987 Lang Tables- Phillipe Starck

1987 CAB415 Lounge Suite- Mario Bellini

1988 S Chair – Tom Dixon

1988 Crown Chair – Tom Dixon

1988 Dr Glob – Phillipe Starck

1988 Plywood Chair – Jasper Morrison

1989 Silver Chair – Vico Magistretti

1989 CAB416 Chair Liva- Mario Bellini

1989 CAB417 Chair Linto- Mario Bellini

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